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Simple & secure mobile device management

Simplify your processes and streamline your communication flow with our enterprise solutions to manage and secure your devices and users.

Embrace provides more than a service, we help organizations succeed optimizing their work flows. Choose between our different plans, or tailor your own.

Devices & accesories

Robust and reliable phones, tablets and scanners for every industry to meet your every need, and accessories to match!

Devices & accesories
Peace of mind

We provide a service that will help you focus on what matters the most to you. Let us handle repair & maintenance and Cubilock will do the rest.

Devices & accesories
Device control software

Transform the way you work and administrate every device from a browser: know the exact location of every device, push apps, and maintain them with our centralized device management software.


Top class devices & accessories

For every need

Rugged device

Rugged devices

  • Rugged phones
  • Our phones are robust and designed to last. They are water repellent, dustproof and can resist blunt force (IP category 65-69).

Rugged scanners

  • Rugged phones with a scanner
  • Our phones are robust and designed to last. They are water repellent, dustproof and can resist blunt force (IP category 65-69).
  • All phones with scanners are equipped with either a Zebra or Honeywell scanner module, perfect for scanning barcodes
Rugged device
Rugged device

Rugged tablets

  • Our rugged tablets are robust and designed to last. They are water resistant, dustproof and can resist blunt force (IP category 65 & MIL-STD-810G).
  • All devices are equipped with a Zebra scan-module
  • Lots of accessories

Sleek tablets

  • Optimal for office work
  • We supply 8” & 10“, in a sleek design.
  • Lots of accessories
Rugged device

Phone accessories Phone

  • Phone sleeve for bike riders.
  • Magnet phone holder for vehicles. With suction cup or grip for ventilation.
  • Scanner triggers
Rugged device

Tablets accessories

  • Tablet folio in wood or metal
  • Tablet holder for rugged tablets, with lock for trucks
  • Keyboard??
Rugged device

Extra accessories

  • Micro USB & USB C in every length.
  • Car-charger for cigarette lighter with USB A & USB C
Rugged device


With our repair service you can send any leased device to us for repairs, eliminating the need to worry about maintaining an inventory of devices or dealing with faulty batteries. Simply send the broken device to us and we'll take care of the rest.



With access to our helpdesk you can easily add new orders, request support and keep track of your support-cases. The helpdesk is staffed from 08-17 CEST Monday to Friday.


Reserve stock

With the reserve stock you will never have to worry about broken devices. Whenever you send a device to repair, you can pick a similiar device from the reserve stock, enroll it with the last one's profile, while we repair your previous device.



CubiLock is a software that enables you to control every device you've leased, whether it's changing password, viewing it's location or pushing apps to all of them, as well as restricting which apps the devices can and can’t use. And all just with a click of a button!


Device setup

We help and guide you in setting up the optimal profile for your devices in CubiLock and enroll them to each of your new devices.



With access to our Techincal Hotline you can call in business hours with questions to support.

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